Influenster College Vox Box

30 Nov

This is what came in the Influenster College Vox Box.  It was my first box from them & I was very surprised to receive it because they recently re-vamped their website & I hadn’t felt that I was very active on their new site. The products are supposed to be things that college students need & use to get through the day.

From L-R

1. Sheets Energy Strips in Mint Boost: These remind me of when the Listerine strips were popular.  They had a reaaallly strong minty flavor.  I’ve put a couple in each of my bags in case of breath emergencies (ha!) & it’s really great that each strip is individually wrapped.  I didn’t notice an increase in energy though.

2. Broadway Nails imPress Nails (lace pattern): I really liked the lace pattern that I received.  Other than that, these were a disappointment.  I have long nail beds and keep my hands well manicured.  These nails were too short to use under normal circumstances.  I did use them, but only due to the fact that I had a major nail break on one nail and filed all my nails down (shorter than I normally wear).  They also were too wide for my nail beds and I had to do a lot of filing to get the nails that were long enough to cover my nail beds to fit.  They did look fantastic and wear very well, especially since they just use a sticky adhesive and not a glue. I kept a couple of the extra nails to use as an accent nail.   They just feel like too much work for wearing on my whole hand.  If they ever change the shape of the nails they make, I’d definitely try them again.

3. Pentel Energel-X (in black): It’s a pen. A good pen, but just a pen.  Writes smoothly, doesn’t smear or bleed. It’s a keeper. If they’re not too expensive, I’d get the blue the next time I have a shop for writing utensils.

4. NYC Color Showtime Glitter Eyeliner (in Black):  I was surprised at how much I liked this.  My go-to pencil liners are the Lancome Crayon Khols which are much more expensive but are so smooth and creamy.  The NYC liner glided on very smoothly after I warmed it up a little on the back of my hand.  It didn’t budge throughout the whole day, even though I didn’t set it with shadow.  The glitter isn’t that noticeable when first applied but appears more and more throughout the day.  I only apply this on the top lashline because I don’t want the glitter to get in my eyes, so it does necessitate still needing another black liner for the waterline, tightline and lower lashline.  This is the only product I’ve ever tried from NYC, but I might give them a look the next time I’m at the drugstore.

5. Necco Tropical Wafers: This was my favorite item in the box. Seriously. I haven’t had Necco wafers in a couple of years & only a couple convenience stores in my town even carry the originals.  I loved the mango, coconut, and banana flavors.  Why there isn’t more banana flavored candy in the world is beyond me.

I’m not sure exactly how this is a College VoxBox but I’ll get lots of good use out of the eyeliner and pen.    It was so nice to get a mystery package of new things to try & I’m looking forward to hopefully getting selected for more Influenster boxes.


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