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Break the Habit: Day #3

28 Apr

So far, the no-buy hasn’t been a challenge.  It’s only been three days, though, so it’s not as though I was expecting agony. However, I have encountered my first dilemma.

This weekend I’ve been doing a big spring clean-out of my closets. I live alone & have taken over all three closets in my apartment so this is a bigger task than it sounds. I realized that a trench coat that I bought, even though it was a great deal, isn’t as flattering as it looked in the dressing room & I’m going to return it to TJ Maxx.  That store is such a hit or miss place; sometimes they’ve got a lot of great items and other times nothing.  It’ll be Murphy’s Law in action when I go in on Tuesday & there will be lots of things that are my style.  That’s always the way it is with shopping.

I wanted to add in a picture of the two products I finished up today but I can’t find my camera charger.  Aaaaaahhh where did it go?!? I’ll try & find it & add those in for tomorrow.


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