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New Year’s Resolutions

2 Jan

I hate the whole idea of a New Year’s Resolution.  It’s the equivalent of “I’ll start my diet tomorrow.”. Sure there are things that I need to do more, but the fact that the numerical year is different isn’t going to make it stick or make it any more important in your mind.  Who has actually accomplished a New Year’s Resolution for more than a few weeks. I’ll tell you: NOBODY.  If someone says they have, they lied.Yeah, I should probably get back in shape, remember to take vitamins every day, not sleep in makeup, become a smarter shopper, do better in uni…the list could go on for days. I will try to do these things, but I think they’l happen more organically, not spurred by changing calendar years. I’m not that type of person.

What I am is a list lover.  I love to write lists just so I can cross things off them.  One of my…quirks…is that I love love love to cross off the last item on a list. My favorite lists are the best books lists and the Academy Awards Nominees lists.  Every year since 2009, I print out the Academy Awards Nominations List and I watch every movie nominated in every category during the course of the next year. (Yes, I’ll write about this again when this year’s list comes out.)  Some are great, some are shite, but I feel like I get a good dose of culture that doesn’t exist in South Dakota.

On a related tangent, I’ve always loved to read.  I like to read mostly classics, with some great contemporary books mixed in.  I don’t like many modern popular books.  I went into B&N a few weeks ago & “Paranormal Romance” had whole entire shelves (yes, PLURAL) devoted to interspecies lovin’. I will never understand that. I also can’t stand modern “chick lit” like “50 Shades of WTF“, “Sex and the City“, anything by Danielle Steel…that sort of book.  Every single story like is like a “you choose 3” combo of these categories: going to a new job/school, new motherhood, first twuuuu wuuuv, romance after divorce/bad breakup, becoming famous (or the love interest is famous), living in the ‘big city’, and, dieting. Blerg. Isn’t that why we keep friends from high school on Facebook long after graduating & losing touch; to read and laugh about their stupid vapid manufactured drama. That in book form=no thanks. Sure, there are exceptions, but in my eyes they are few and far between.

Many “best books” lists are mainly classics, with some good contemporary books mixed in.  I’ve reached the halfway mark on some lists, but I’d love to finish one in the next couple years.  I don’t have a specific one I’m working on, I’d just like to make a dent in a few and read some of the books that I’ve bought but haven’t yet read.

With so much technology…basically netflix & youtube…I just sort of stopped reading in my free time.  After long days & nights of class & studying, I wouldn’t want to read in my limited spare time, no matter how much I really loved the book. I’d rather watch an episode of a good tv show or a quick video.  Then when I had more time, I’d think “Ooh, time to catch up on XYZ show, I can finish the season” or “XYZ movie just came out on DVD, I’ll redbox it.” I love a good TV show, but I want to read more.

This year’s goal: 50 books. I think I can do it.

I’ll keep a running list on here, updating after I finish a couple. I won’t do book reviews or anything, just a short statement if I liked it or not. Unless it’s really good or really terrible, that’s as in-depth as I’ll get. As I think most of them will be older books, I don’t think I can say something that hasn’t already been said.

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