P10P/B Update #2: My Confessions

2 Jan

Confession: I broke P10P and P10B.

Confession #2: It’s not as bad as it sounds.

I purchased a red lip liner from Rimmel. I didn’t have one & needed one to wear red lipstick to some holiday festivities. Cost: about $3. I’ve already used it about three times, so I think it was worth it. In my opinion it shows a little progress: I found a great drugstore product instead of heading to Sephora or a makeup counter for a pricier alternative.

I also went to B&BW to stock up on wallflower refills. I had just put in my very last one from my last B&BW semi-annual sale purchase so was completely out. (2 packs for $6 on all the scents is a great deal).  The wallflower refills are not a beauty item & therefore not counted However B&BW had the Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butters 75% off so I bought 2. Cost: about $8. I love vanilla & the body butters are very thick and creamy. These will definitely get used.

So now my projects have become Project 11 Pan and Project 12 Bottle.  I’ll probably keep referring to them as P10P & P10B for continuity’s sake, but the new “requirements” will be reflected in the totals.

Confession#3: My mum gave me a SJCP gift card over the holidays, but I haven’t spent it. I really want to, but I want to make more progress on the makeup items in my P10P. I think I’ll hold onto it, until a time when I really feel like breaking the project.  Yes, items will be bought, but I won’t be spending any money. I just don’t know if gifted items and gift cards violate P10P/Bs.  Any opinions?

Confession #4: I haven’t been able to hide my Ipsy and Sample Society boxes away and not use those items.  I have been playing with them & using them.  Some I gave as part of gifts, some I kept, and some I traded.  My subscriptions boxes were one of the original exceptions for these projects, so I havent been adding any thing to my stash that I wouldn’t already have.  I did cancel popsugar after this December’s box (one word: dull) so…progress? I think so.

Not a Confession, but an update all the same: I finally found both my camera and the battery charger so I’ll be posting more now that I can take better quality photos.  I had been using my phone with quite mediocre results, but things should be a little better. I’m not good at photography or photo editing, but I can take sharper photos that are more true to color-I think that is the most important part.

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