November Empties

8 Dec

I love love love to read monthly empties posts.  I like to see what other people have liked enough to completely use up.  Some things, I’ve tried and hated, others I own but have forgotten about, and still others are items I’d like to try in the future.

Here’s what I finished up this month & if I’d repurchase or not:

1. Jergens Skin Firming Body Lotion [500ml]: I’ve repurchased this a few times & I really (think) that it does temporarily add a bit of firmness to the skin.  The effect only lasts a couple hours though.  I’ll probably wait to rebuy until it’s shorts weather here in South Dakota

2. Bio Oil [4.2 oz]: I got this to help fade some scars from some cuts and burns. A closet door fell on my arm & the gash left a dark (but thankfully flat scar) & I got a chemical burn thanks to my orgo lab partner a couple years ago & have another dark flat scar on my other arm.  I didn’t notice a difference because I was terrible at remembering to apply it every day.  I got some Mederma to try on the scar, but i’ll probably repurchase the bio oil, because I could use it all over my body.  It was nicely moisturizing as a body oil & to me it smells faintly like cinnamon imperials. I just need to be consistent in application before I pass judgment.

3 &4. Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Shampoo & Conditioning Balm [500 ml]: Super hydrating without making hair limp.  I already repurchased the litre size of both.

5. Heel to Toe Moisturizing Foot Repair [2 oz]: I think this was free at Sally’s if you bought something else?  It was rubbish & the smell was cloying.

6. Om SHE Aromatherapy Rose & Lychee Body Wash [500 ml]: This smelled absolutely divine.  Fruity and floral without one overpowering the other.  It didn’t leave a film or dry out my skin & I never got tired of the scent.  I’ll be looking for this on my next trip to TJ Maxx

7. Diptyque Volutes EDT Deluxe Sample: This took like two weeks to use up.  All of these little perfume vials take me ages to use since I only use about two spritzes at a time.  I don’t like to be heavily perfumed.  I hated this perfume: I couldn’t smell the tobacco or iris, just a super strong powdery smell.

8&9. Seche Vite: I had two mostly used bottles that I finished. I’ve repurchased multiples but for now I’m going with Poshe.  I’m sure I’ll get it again in the near future.

9. Aveda Volumizing Tonic: Love it & already had another.

10&11Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner: The conditioner was nice, but the shampoo was rubbish.  Didn’t clean my hair at all & left my scalp feeling gross & greasier than before showering

12. LoveSpell Lotion: I’ll buy another when they go on offer.

13. Beauty Secrets Acetone Remover: Works fantastic at removing all nail varnishes, even heavy glitter.  I repurchased a larger size

14. Finger Paints Top Coat: Used over dry polish to refresh manicure. Nothing special & I wouldn’t rebuy it.

15. Garnier Refreshing Remover Makeup Towlettes: My HG makeup remover wipe

Makeup items!

16. Stila Convertible Color Eyes in Indigo: Loved the liner, iffy on the shadow…it was too pink for my liking.  I already had another one of these in my stash.

17, 18, & 19. Stila Lip Glazes in Brown Sugar, Vanilla, and Camera:

20. Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Cafe Au Lait: This was a pretty mauve shade.  I wouldn’t & didn’t buy it though.  It came as a bonus item with a pair of shoes from Zappos. Weird.

21-25. 20 foil sachets of Cleansers, moisturizers, serums, makeup primers, foundations, lip products, etc.

Ohhhh MY. That’s a lot of stuff. And none of it counts towards P10P or P10B.


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